Rose City Mobile Massage

Working with a Female Small Business Owner

Working with small local businesses always feels incredibly special. Seeing an individual’s dream come into fruition despite the many obstacles and risks involved in starting a small business, and feeling that I got to play a small role in promoting their work, is so rewarding. Particularly, I love working with female small business owners and learning about their passion projects. Rebecca Mell, of Rose City Mobile Massage, was no exception.

That evening I arrived at the shoot in a less than stellar mood, however the night quickly turned around. Rebecca was so kind and the model’s hilarious remarks kept us laughing and the mood elevated throughout the entire shoot. My team, as always, was so supportive. All in all I left feeling grateful for the work I get to do day in and day out. Contributing to the community and supporting female business owners are both very important to me, and this shoot felt like a culmination of the two.

Teresa Flowers is an internationally recognized multimedia artist based in Portland, OR. She is also the founder of Alien Mermaid Cove and Altered States.