Changing the scene with every look of the wardrobe. Enjoyed shooting with Tyler who’s a great photographer and produces high quality content.

Jackie and I were outside of LA and came across a church with beautiful geometric glass on the exterior, and we remembered that beautiful space while shooting. We had a blast dressing up and shooting here. It was such a vibe and so much fun.

I had the best time at Sunken City. My best friend Jackie and I had fun taking photos in this distressed location outside of LA. With all the rugged chunks of concrete and the amazing graffiti that saturated the place, it was a beautiful spot to discover.

The Powerhouses Behind the Honeydew Me Podcast

Working with Emma and Cass of the Honeydew Me podcast was such a fun experience. Honeydew Me is a podcast that discusses relationships, sex, wellness, and self love, and this shoot was all about capturing the high energy these girls embody in their weekly episodes. It was such an uplifting time working with these two powerhouses!

With a steadfast love for music, portraits of Katie would be incomplete without her clarinet in hand. In photographing Katie in the evening sun’s glow, the warmth she projects through her love of music and family is personified.

Teresa Flowers

Teresa Flowers is an internationally recognized multimedia artist based in Portland, OR. She is also the founder of Alien Mermaid Cove and Altered States.

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