Confessions of a Female Small Business Owner

When I first moved to Portland, Oregon, I lived in a small house with limited space to create my art. So, I began collecting clothes to exercise my creative juices. At first, I utilized these clothes for photoshoots as well as my personal wardrobe. By the time COVID-19 shut down the world, I had such an amazing collection of clothes that I decided it was the perfect time to create a pop-up shop and see what came of it. As a result, Alien Mermaid Cove was born. Alien Mermaid Cove is a retail shop that promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle by…

AJ at Trillium Lake

After my first visit to the beautiful Trillium Lake, located southwest of Mount Hood, I immediately fell in love with the spot and kept finding myself returning whenever I had the chance. Returning once again for this shoot, I was incredibly excited to capture my model, AJ, in such a stunning location. Logistically the shoot was complex, involving ladders and kayaks in the water. Thanks to my amazing crew, AJ’s strength and beauty shines through as she floats effortlessly in the lake.

Experiences of Female Artists on Social Media

Imagine having the whole world at your fingertips. Sounds impossible, right? Yet, with the rise of social media this concept has become increasingly real and easily obtainable. For artists, this presents an exciting opportunity to gain exposure for our work and expand our following internationally. We can now share our work with individuals who would otherwise never encounter it, both within and outside our communities. Thus, social media effectively expands our influence beyond the local places we frequent and into realms we have never physically entered. Personally, social media has enabled me to build a community for myself all around…

A Creative Shoot for a Unique Brand

All the Women Who Have Influenced Me Throughout My Journey

Today, I am a strong, independent woman. I am pursuing my passion with the entirety of my being while bravely battling all the adversities that come my way as a woman and an artist. But how did I get here? Who were the women that came before me and paved the way for me to grow into the woman I am today? For me, it all started with my mother.

My mother was an artist, musician, and lifelong feminist. From a young age, she cultivated my interest in the arts and supported my passion every step of the way. She…

Lack of Female Representation in Art Galleries and Museums

You know, you were right,” one of my male friends says from behind me. I turn around for the first time since leaving the table. There is a serious expression on my friend’s face that I have never seen before. I am surprised to see concern and anger in his eyes considering the events that had occurred seconds before. I had been sitting at a table with a group of my male friends, a normal occurrence for me, when a heated debate began. My male friends were attempting to argue with me about how long it takes for the AIDS…

Working with a Female Small Business Owner

Photographing the Female Form

In my very first photography class, the teacher asked us to create a self-portrait. For me, this assignment meant photographing my mother duct taped in a basement then double exposing a ghostly version of myself over the top of her form. The long exposure format caused the light in this photograph to burn brilliantly angelic, like the light of God. Upon seeing the photograph, the darkroom lab tech for my class, who I admired as a mentor, inquired about its intended meaning. This deeper interest in my work took me by surprise. I had never been asked this question as…

The Role of the Gender Pay Gap in the Arts

“This is bullshit,” my sister bluntly states as I turn to look at her, confused by her sudden outburst. When she provides no further explanation for her remark, I begin to scan the gallery to discover what provoked her. Initially, my gaze lands on an elderly couple in the corner, holding hands as they silently examine a large photograph of a beautiful landscape. Then, my attention shifts to a young college student, furiously taking notes as she sits on a bench in the center of the room. Finally, my gaze falls onto a male photographer standing proudly next to his…

An Overview of My Experiences as a Woman in the Arts

The “starving artist” is a common stereotype used to emphasize how difficult it can be to make it as an artist. While many artists strive for mainstream success, they face high barriers of entry that cause only a select few to be able to accomplish this goal. Personally, I have experienced the specific obstacles that come with being an artist in numerous ways throughout my career. However, some of my biggest challenges have been due to my position as a woman.

Sometimes, I want to cry because it is so hard. If anyone would have told me what the reality…

Teresa Flowers

Teresa Flowers is an internationally recognized multimedia artist based in Portland, OR. She is also the founder of Alien Mermaid Cove and Altered States.

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